<enter> creates a new text (cmd-n) instead of re-naming text

The Scrivener’s Binder very much resembles OSX’s Finder. When, in the Finder, I have a file selected and I hit , the name of the file becomes hilited and ready to be re-named. But when, in Scrivener’s Binder, I have a folder title or text-heading selected and I hit , it creates new text. To rename a text-heading I have to use the mouse and double click the heading. (I should be used to this in scrivener by now but I’m not; and I think its because of how the Binder resembles the Finder).

Could Binder’s behavior be changed to match the Finder?

There already exists a hotkey in scrivener for creating “new text”: command-n
So there’s no loss there for shortcut.


In Scrivener>Preferences:Navigation, under “Return Key Behavior”, deselect “Return creates new item in list, outline, and corkboard views”. :slight_smile:

You can tap Esc to both enter and exit a rename, too.