Enter key to add reference

A minor wish–could hitting the enter key while in the doc/project references pane start a field to enter a new reference (same effect as using the dropdown to “Add External Reference”) the way that the keywords pane now does this? Of course the code may be wildly different; it’s just that I get in the habit of using the enter key and I like using the keyboard.


It wouldn’t be difficult to add - the only reason it doesn’t do this is that I thought that manually typing in external references would be the last thing anyone would want to do, as it’s easier to drag things in or choose them from the “+” button…

Understandable. In my case I tend to copy/paste a lot because I have my browser window on a different screen space, and it’s faster to just copy than to try and drag to the Scrivener icon, wait for it to bring up the right project window, use spacebar to select it, and then drop. Also I’m occasionally copying links from another source (not the browser address bar) so drag and drop isn’t always an option anyway.

I didn’t even think of this before, but if the wiki-style Scrivener links could resolve in the reference pane, too, then you could manually type those also…But that’s probably way more difficult. All I was really after was just being able to paste an external link. So if that’s something you’d consider for a future update, when you have nothing better to do… :slight_smile:


Actually I just remembered the reason enter/return doesn’t work this way in the reference pane (although it would be easy to add) - hitting enter or return while a reference is selected opens the reference file, so that conflicts with the enter-to-create-new behaviour.

Ahhhhh. That does make sense. Rats! Ah well, thanks just the same.

Hi, Keith,

FWIW I find I often paste in a URL (I seldom bother naming the ref). So I too have had this wish: A simple keystroke to get me to the New External Ref line (direct to URL box would be even sweller, but I won’t ask for the moon!)

All best


Hmm, instead of return, what I might be able to do is have it so that if you hit paste while the references table has the focus, and if there is a URL on the pasteboard, it gets added… I’m not sure, though, I’ll have to look at it.