Enter the license

Good afternoon.

I bought Scrivener 3 today and I launched it.

When I arrived on the start page, I selected “Enter the license”.
Unfortunately, the software told me that an internet connexion is required to upgrade Scrivener.
However, my internet connexion is correct.

Do you know this bug and could you help me please ?

Thank you.

(Sorry for my english)

Are you using some sort of Internet security or anti-virus software that monitors Internet connections? Scrivener uses an Internet licensing system called Paddle, and some security programs (incorrectly) block connections to that service.

If you have a way to whitelist Scrivener in your security/AV/firewall settings, try doing that and see if it clears the problem up.

Thank for your reply.
I disconnected Norton 360 and the problem is still there.
Scrivener show directly the message “Not internet connexion”.
Is possible to speak with a person who talk french at phone please ?
Thank you.

I have a Scrivener trial version and I still have more than 20 days of testing. Can the problem come from there ?
Do I have to wait until the end of the trial period ?

YEHAAAAAAA ! I activated the norton VPN and it worked. It’s so cool !


There should be a way within the Norton 360 product to allow Scrivener network access without having to use a VPN.

See if this gives you a starting point:

Fix problem connecting to the Internet from a web-enabled program (norton.com)