Entering full screen clears undo history.

In V2.0, when I enter full screen mode, the undo/redo history of what I had been doing in normal mode is cleared; the same thing happens when I exit full screen mode. Is this normal behavior, and have I just never noticed it before?

I found one other posting about this issue, though it seems to be about V1.54 and was unanswered.

I’m (still) running OS10.4, if that matters.


Undo history should work between modes, although there are a number of things that can clear the undo stack. The undo stack may not be maintained for Scrivenings, for instance - but for single documents it should be. That said, while testing this I just found a crash when hitting undo on returning to the main window, so I’ll be fixing that next…

Ah, I was indeed in Scrivenings mode; with a single document open the undo history remained when switching modes. You say that the undo stack “may” not be maintained for Scrivenings; are there circumstances when it is? Or is this an inherent limitation of working with Scrivenings? Meanwhile, it might be helpful to include a warning about the (possible) loss of the undo history when switching modes, or to document this behavior in the manual. Thanks.

I think a warning every time you switched modes would be undesirable, and there are all sorts of situations in many applications where the undo stack gets cleared. To be clear, no, there is no situation when the undo stack won’t get cleared when switching modes with scrivenings. For single documents, usually it won’t get cleared, but there are situations where it will. The various situations are too complicated to detail. Essentially, an odd design decision with Cocoa is that undo is all maintained at the view level rather than at the data level. This means that when data is swapped between different views, it is very difficult to maintain the undo stack.

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I agree, a warning every time would be obnoxious, but I do think it should be noted somewhere in the manual at least (with another note to the effect that switching applications will kill full screen mode, with the same result). An unexpected loss of the undo history is certain to produce stomach churning and teeth gnashing.