Entering the file title into the file automatically

I’m working on a recipe book, and I have my recipe template that I use to make a new recipe. When I make a new recipe, I label the file itself (as seen in the Binder view), but I haven’t been writing the file name inside the actual file, mainly because writing the same thing twice is lame and because I know that when I compile the document, the file name will show up just above the file.

However, I generally need to export (to Print, usually) just a single file for use in my cooking. I haven’t compiled the entire recipe book, and I don’t think I will. When I export a single file to Print, however, it doesn’t include the file name. This creates a printed document with Ingredients and Instructions and no description of what you’re actually making.

My questions is, how do I fix this? Can I change a setting in the Export menu so that it includes the title when it prints (or saves to PDF)? Can I use some kind of coding similar to the code that automatically inserts the word count, and just write <?title> or whatever at the top of each file? Or do I just need to suck it up and write out the title if I want it to be in the document itself?

(I would then need to change the Compile settings so they don’t include titles, to prevent each recipe from starting with
but I think that’s an available option.)

You can compile individual files, or groups of files. Try bringing up the compile window and in the Contents pane, click on the drop-down button above the table with the headers “Include”, “Title”, “Pg Break Before” and “As-Is”. It probably says “Draft” or “Manuscript”. By clicking on that drop-down list, you can select a folder or individual file to compile When you compile, that file or group of files will compile with all the settings for that document, including Title, if you have that selected in the Formatting pane.

Ah-hah. That solves the problem perfectly - and lets me include meta-data too! Thanks!