Entering words you don't want scrivener to underline in green

I’m sure this has been asked before but I haven’t been here for a long time. The different layout is something I’m not yet familiar with :laughing:.

Can’t remember, are you on Mac or Windows? It’d help to know.



Hi - yes, Macbook Air. Ventura.

Can you post a screenshot?

The controls are in Edit → Spelling → Check Spelling, where you can add the words to your dictionary, but the green underlines are grammar alerts, and as I have the whole lot switched off, I don’t know if adding them to your dictionary would work on the grammar checker. If they don’t, the only thing would be to turn grammar checking off in that same Edit → Spelling menu entry.



Off-topic a little, but how SILLY is it to use red and green underlining (and traffic lights, electrical wires, etc), when lots of us are red-green color-blind?? Don’t they want us to see the difference?


Much thanks. That’s worked :pray:.