Entire Document Edits

Being able to spell check everything in the manuscript. instead of one file at a time.

Being able to apply a page formatting preset to every page selected, or all documents in the project, instead of one at a time.

Being able to select the entire document’s contents. Being able to select content from more than one page in the document view.

Being able to change multiple files status and labels would be really useful.

Also the ability to number and renumber the basic file names without changing the actual titles. I like to use descriptive titles to my documents so that I know what they’re about, but they aren’t always in order, as I don’t write in order. It’s even more difficult when I export them and they go all over the place with their names. I am constantly adding new chapters or scenes in the middle of my story, and don’t have the patience to constantly rename them all with numbers. But if we could export with numbers keeping the same order that was selected from the manuscript… that would be amazing. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I thought I’d attempt to describe it.

My only other wishes are ones voiced before, but bare repeating. Namely: sync files with external folder (such as Dropbox), and even more important, have a simple scrivener writing app for Android devices (Jotterpad is nice, but I’d like to know that my formatting doesn’t have to be simplified to a .txt, and syncing seems like it would be less dangerous).