Enumerated Outline issue

One of my chapter contains documents that are omitted from the enumerated outline. I must have done something wrong in the Complile settings for that section but I cannot figure out what. Here is a screenshot of the result

What do you mean by this, that the “Enumerated Outline” preset omits items that should be seen, or that there are items in the list that should omitted but are not? I’m not familiar with your work, so I don’t really know what is incorrect with your screenshot.

I do see a spot in the middle where it looks like chapter 6 has a multiple lines of data in its title. That can be hard to spot if you never use the Outliner view in Scrivener. If that is what you are talking about, then have a look at this chapter with Outliner view enabled in the editor. If you see multiple lines of text, just double click and edit them out.

Sorry what I mean to say is that the three lines of text below Chapter 6 folder should look like the rest of the chapters. like below rather than the screen shot.

6 Sensitizing with Iodine
6.1 Sensitizing with Iodine: Overview
6.2 Sensitizing with Iodine:Introduction
6.3 Sensitizing with Iodine: Colours, Speed, Sensitivity
6.4 The Sensitizing box
6.5 Conclusion

I just checked Outliner view and this chapter had All the other chapter folders were labeled as a chapter . I’ll change this to see if that is the cause and let you know.


Changing the label to Chapter did not solve the problem.

Okay I see, is there anything different about these items (not their parent container, that won’t really impact them) themselves, in the Contents pane checkboxes, their icons or anything else, as compared to the sections in chapter 7?

The Contents pane check boxes are identical for all chapters. Even in the compile group options.

I made a copy of each document in the problem chapter and put them in a new folder titled test chapter.
(displayed as 7)
when I compiled the same thing occurs with those specific documents. No enumeration for those documents even though they are copies in another folder. When I added a blank document to the test chapter folder, it was enumerated as 7.1

the issue seems to be document specific but I can’t seem to figure out why.

thanks for your help.


In Compile > Formatting, when you click on the different levels, can you see if the Chapter 6 items are being picked up as being the same level/type of documents as those in Chapters 5 and 7?

I resolved the issue by making new blank documents and copying all from the suspect documents and pasting into the new. Now the enumerated outline shows all documents correctly.

go figure…

thank you all for your time…


I had the same problem, and it happened for documents for which I’d disabled the Prefix/Suffix at the “gear” in Compile > Title adjustments. I have other problems with the enumerated outline, but that one I solved by making a new copy of the project and clearing check boxes at that gear.