Enumerating pages

I know of <$N>, but what I’m looking for is something that I can put in the titles of the individual text pages in the binder.

The comic script uses <$N> for pages, <$SN> for panels. I was hoping for something that would replace immediately in the binder’s page title (since I separate the document into individual pages).

So something like:

Pg 1: Introduce environment
Pg 2: Introduce main characters.
Pg 3: Set up crisis.

Anything for this except manually typing?

All the placeholder tags are compile-time replacements, so while you can put something like <$n> in the binder title and include the titles in compile, you won’t get the numbers appearing in the binder. There’s no method for doing that in Scrivener. With the way the binder works and the different ways items can be compiled (or excluded from compile), meaningful live numbering like that doesn’t really work.

What ultimately are you trying to achieve with this? Maybe we can help suggest other ways to accomplish it.

I’m trying to keep account of the number of pages I have for an issue. The standard issue size is 22 pgs. I separate the individual pages into their own text page to make it easier to count, but I’d like to have a numerical count for efficiency.

I’ve set all the chapters in one project. Maybe I should separate the issues/chapters into separate projects, but I’m not there yet. It’s easier to manage if I keep the chapters for the book in one project.

Okay, what might work for you is going into Tools > Options and ticking “Show subdocument counts in binder” in the Appearance section.

I think that will work. Thank you.