Epigraph and Quotation/Quote

Dear all,

first, I’d like to say how much I like Scrivener, I already purchased my own copy and began importing the draft of my dissertation :slight_smile: Before that, I used LyX, but never was satisfied with the GUI. Scrivener now opens worlds and worlds!

I made it work together with BibTeX and my current LaTeX installation pretty well, but there is one single thing I’m stuck with and I cannot fix the problem:

I’d like the autogenerated LaTeX epigraph at the beginning of a chapter or a section etc. to behave like a common LaTeX-quotation or - even better - a LaTeX quote (without the indented first line). How can I do that?

Probably this question is too specific for the Scrivener forums, but nevertheless I hope to find somebody here who uses LaTeX as well and could probably jump in here.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I assume you’re using MMD -> LaTeX export, since you mentioned LaTeX :slight_smile:

If you’re using any of the XSLT files based on the memoir class (memoir.xslt, memoir-twosided.xslt, article.xslt, 6x9book.xslt) you can get an epigraph easily.

Quick backgrounder on MMD/Scrivener structure:

Folders, nested, have their titles show up as headers (if export titles is checked, which I believe it is by default). Files within those folders contain your content.

If you have a blockquote immediately following a header, that is turned into an epigraph by MMD/LaTeX export using the memoir classes.

To get a blockquote immediately following a header, click on the folder (chapter title) you want the epigraph for, then click on the corkboard button to dismiss the corkboard for that chapter - you’ll then see the folder text. Type your epigraph there, as an MMD blockquote:

This is a blockquote.

Make sure in the export settings that folders export their text!

Then, when MMD does its LaTeX conversion magic, you will have an epigraph.