Epilogue in ebook?

Old hand at Scrivener here, but very new hand at Scrivener 2…and an even newer one at compiling into ebook formats. Got most of it figured out, but my Prologue and Epilogue have been giving me fits because, if I use the automatic chapter numbering during compile, then they’re called Chapter One and Chapter Thirty-Seven respectively.

If I don’t use the automatic chapter numbering during compile, then I’ll need to go back into my binder organization and rename every one of my chapter folders with a chapter number (which is precisely what the Novel Template Notes tell us not to do), just so that I can then have a prologue and epilogue in the right places, titled properly.

After an entire day of trolling the forum and conducting experiments, I’ve figured out that I can jury-rig the Prologue by sticking it into Front Matter and including a centered, formatted “Prologue” title in the text itself, along with appropriate numbers of blank lines. It works, but I don’t like it because my Prologue is now at the bottom of my binder, decidedly out of visual order, and not even included in my Manuscript.

But at least it works. I cannot get the Epilogue to work at ALL. Amazingly, a search of the Scrivener manual shows that in its 487 pages, the word “epilogue” appears exactly zero times. I can’t find it in the forums either – that is, it’s occasionally mentioned, but nobody seems to be offering ideas on how to do it. Surely prologues and epilogues are common enough in novels that this should be a well-trodden path? Or am I looking in all the wrong places?

In Compile, choose “All Options” and then choose “Title Adjustments” from the sidebar. There you can select to not add a title prefix or suffix to certain documents, so just choose your prologue and epilogue from that list and they won’t get the chapter number prefix that’s added to other documents of that type and level.

Ah! Thank you, that is SO much cleaner than my kludge solution.

I have a Prologue and Epilogue, like the original poster, and the advice above seems to remove the Prologue from numbering, but … how do I title that section “Prologue” if the other chapters don’t have titles?

You could either enter the title manually in the Prologue and Epilogue sections, or you could use a slightly different structure, like this:



With the prologue and epilogue being of a different type, or on a different level, you can set them up differently in the “Formatting” options.

The main thing to remember is that if you want them treated differently, then they have to be different in some way - either on a different level or of a different type.

Thanks, that makes it much simpler.