Episodic writing

I’m writing a series, and love the free-flow structure of putting it together in Scrivener. I scribble down all my snippets of screenplay as documents in my Project Binder.
However, when it comes to outputting each episode, I’m running in to the issue of only being able to create 1 Draft per project.

Is there a way to have multiple Drafts (so I can have 1 for each episode), or is the only solution to set up each episode as a new project?
Looking for any tips of tricks!

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Peter Spence.

You can have as many levels as you want in the Binder, so each episode can be a folder, with subfolders, documents, subdocuments, etc as you please. There is only on Draft, to separate it from Research, but Draft can be split up any way you want.

Note that the Compile options for the iOS version give you much less control over the output than is available with the Windows or Mac version. If you have multiple episodes within one project, you may find that outputting your draft from one of the desktop versions is easier than doing so directly from the iOS version.


Thanks for the replies.

@lunk That’s great to hear! So how do I compile a folder?

@kewms Thanks. I’ll try that too. As long as I can get a separate PDF for each episode then I’m happy.

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Peter Spence.

Actually, it’s possible to compile only the contents of a particular folder form the iOS version, too. So what you could do is create a folder inside the Draft for each episode.

Then, when you come to Compile, instead of tapping the “Compile” button at the bottom of the binder, swipe left on an episode folder, tap “More”, and then select “Compile Contents”. The Compile sheet will appear, but now it will have an extra option in it: “Compile Current Group Only”. If you turn that option on, then only the content of the current episode folder will be compiled.

Using this feature you can essentially have as many Draft folders as you want (it just takes a few more taps to get there).

Hope that helps.

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Keith, that’s absolutely brilliant! Exactly the end result I was hoping for.
Thanks very much for the fast reply, and of course the quality software.

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Glad that helped!

And Porthtowan - a lovely place! If I were cooler, I’d spend more time in the Blue Bar with a pint watching the sunset after surfing… :slight_smile: