so, now there is a problem:
I just asked - and still tolino" does neither allow to upload EPUB 3 nor do they have a plan, when they would make that possible.
Means, we need epub2 to distribute to tolino for another while.

Please, maintain the possibility to compile to epub2.
As you had it in an earlier version of the beta, that should be possible, isn’t it?

It didn’t work properly.

I fear you may have to use something like Calibre to convert epub3 to epub2 (some instructions at [url]epub2 missing - #8 by rwfranz]).

Alternatively, you can output to docx (which seems to work okay), open with Word or LibreOffice, and export to epub2 (I do not have tools to check validity of an epub2 file, so can’t say how good those exports are).

Or, perhaps, L&L can be convinced to put epub2 back in.

It diddn’t work properly?
Mine did. The epub2 that I made with Scrivener 1.9. were always valid.

On the other hand, going through OpenOffice or LibreOffice were a mess


In 1.9.x, it was good. In the Beta, though, the output was questionable. ToC would not generate correctly, among other things.