ePub and Chapters without titles

When making a book, the front pieces, where I want the copyright info, the title page, etc. to be should be before the Table of Contents and in my case not referenced by the TOC.

I added a new chapter for the Front pieces before my body of text which is then ten chapters of material.

I have page breaks between the Title page, the copyright notice etc. in that Front piece chapter

Now how to I not get that to show up in the TOC? And get the other chapters to show up. THis has got me a little stumped.


I’m about to eat dinner, so I apologize for doing this the lazy way. :wink:

https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/how-to-change-font-size-for-titles-in-kindle-export/11810/1 Scroll down just past the big image of the compile formatting pane to the quote about three untitled documents, and there are directions for making your own ToC without certain pages referenced. Put this page in the binder after the pages you want to appear before the ToC.

Note with the linked instructions you can also just use Edit>Copy Special>Copy Documents as Scrivener Link instead of the Option-drag method.

I followed some of that but it was a little confusing.
The result was I got my chapters all listed correctly, I got 2 of my 3 front piece pages to ot show up with a title at the TOC, but I could not get the first piece to be unlisted. Tried a lot of ways and just left it at Title Page in the end.
When I did the Separate doc for Chapters that you suggest I had 2 table of contents at the ebook reader

Okay, it sounds like you might just have not entered the title correctly in the compile pane for your custom Table of Contents document, because you should only get one ToC when you do this–the compiler will use your custom one instead of generating a separate one. But let me try again.

  1. Create a new document called “Table of Contents” (or whatever you prefer to call it). Put this page in the binder after the pages you want to appear before the ToC.

  2. In the binder or outliner, select all the documents that you want to appear in the ToC and then choose Edit>Copy Special>Copy Documents as Scrivener Links. Paste this into the new Table of Contents document.

So it’ll look something like this:ToCBinderExample.png(This is simplified to make it clear in the picture; you may have the three front pieces as one document or stored in another folder, but it shouldn’t matter for doing the ToC this way.)

  1. In the compile settings, under E-Book Options, for “HTML table of contents title” put in the name of the new ToC you made (“Table of Contents” in the example) exactly as you titled it in the binder. Make sure in the contents pane that this ToC document is checked for inclusion.

When you compile this, you should get just one ToC–the custom one, which won’t include your front pieces. Likewise the front pieces will come before the ToC.

Does that help?