Epub and mobi export

Just wondered when ebook compiling is scheduled for the windows release. Any idea of the time frame?

it is indeed scheduled, but not for the initial release. Epub and .mobi (and FDX for that matter) are scheduled for 1.1. Having programmed them for the Mac version, I can say that they take a little while to put together and test - probably about a month - although the good thing is that Amazon’s Kindlegen utility takes the same files required for .epub to generate a .mobi file, so both can be done together. I can’t give a definite time frame, and I doubt Lee can either right now, but my wild guess would be around Autumn for these, given how time flies. 1.0 will be released in April, then there will be an inevitable couple of months of furious bug-fixing and minor enhancements as all those users who held off from trying the beta have at the release version and break it (no matter how much you beta-test software, as soon as it is released new users will find new crashes, sadly) before Lee will be able to start on these features, thus I think Autumn is a reasonable time frame but don’t shoot me if it ends up being a little later.

I should add that originally .epub and .mobi export, being Scrivener 2.0 features for the Mac version, weren’t slated for the Windows version until it caught up with all of the other Mac features, but Lee has done an amazing job of integrating lots of initial 2.0 features already and we felt that .epub and .mobi should go in an early 1.x update as users are bound to want to generate ebooks.

So, the plan is to add .epub and .mobi export to a free update to 1.0 as early as we can, but please be patient while we get the core program up and running and released first.

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Thanks for that, something else to look forward to …

Cheers Keith,
Nice to see some good quality products coming out of Kernow.
I used to be on the Harbour master’s staff in Falmouth.
In Norway now though and loving Scrivener, I’m first in line for the first paid version. :smiley:

Thanks Titus, much appreciated. Coincidentally, we have Norwegian connections too - David (the general contact, sales person and screencasts maker) lived in Rjukan for several years, which is where his fiancée hails from.
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Make your life easy (fer a change)

Just give us epub and Calibre will let users convert to mobi … :stuck_out_tongue: