ePub compile error

Using Scrivener 3.0.2, compiling buggy.scriv.zip (58.3 KB) to ePub 3 results in this error message being embedded in xhtml:

This page contains the following errors:
error on line 21 at column 158: Opening and ending tag mismatch: span line 0 and p
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

Thanks for the sample! I can reproduce the broken output. It looks like it has to do with list formatting being slightly busted in that file. Do you happen to recall how you got it to look like this in Scrivener? Or was this pasted in from an HTML file or something? Given the nature of the problem, it might be better to figure out how the RTF got messed up this way, as we are otherwise in a “garbage in / garbage out” scenario with regards to the ePub HTML.

As for what exists: check the Format ▸ Lists submenu you will find the line is set to use standard bullets. There are no bullets however. Furthermore if you try to set the list type to “None” it refuses to do so. I was able to clear the condition by setting the list type to a different type of bullet and then setting it to none.

So that is how you would fix any actual text you may have that is compiling incorrectly in this manner.

I’ve fixed the bug whereby you end up with an HTML error here, but you would still get unexpected results (bullets at the start of the paragraph) given that the paragraph has bullet formatting associated with it. As Ioa says, if you fix the formatting in the editor then the problem will go away. Thanks for the sample project.

All the best,

Yes: I originally wrote my document in Google Docs, then copied it into a prior version of Scrivener (3.0.0 or 3.0.1). Upon the error compiling to ePub, I tried to whittle it down to the bare minimum in an attempt to make debugging easier, but in doing so I created something that doesn’t provide any context.

I’ve attached a new file , still greatly whittled down from the original, but this time with a little context that might provide a clue as to whether this is likely to happen natively in Scrivener.
buggy2.scriv.zip (49.5 KB)
Note, this is for your (possible) curiosity/research only; I now know how to fix the bug thanks to you. Not that I fixed it the same way, but it got me experimenting, and I find if I delete the blank line after the bullet point and put it back in, it will compile fine. So thank you!

Yes you did – thank you!

I confirm that I can get it to go away. Thanks both of you for reporting on that.