Epub compile shows default body font as bold in Scrivener 3

I can’t seem to get my ebooks to compile in Scrivener 3. I copied the default ebook format and compiled but my text is all bold. In the formatting editor it says it should be Palatino 11 and it looks fine, but when I open it in iBooks, it looks like the attached screenshot.

Could someone please help me resolve this issue?

Sorry to say, it’s really not possible to speculate, with this amount of information. What I have is:

  • You are using the default Ebook that you’ve modified in ways that are unknown to us.
  • A screenshot showing one ebook reader’s rendition of the result.

For all we know, the ebook reader is malfunctioning, or the font you chose to read the book in is corrupted in your system. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible for you to create a demo project that demonstrates this effect? You could even just use Save As on your main project, to create a throwaway copy that you can delete everything from, save for enough sample text (like from this screenshot, since you’ve already shared it) so that we can compile and see the problem happening for ourselves.