.epub compile text size woes

I’m having a problem with generating .epubs. What’s weird is, I didn’t have any problems with it a few weeks ago when generating .mobi and .epub – could this be a 2.4.1 problem?

Today I discovered I was having problems generating a TOC in my .epub (whereas the last time I tried a few weeks ago, it worked fine), so I simply deleted the .epub compile format and duplicated the .mobi format (because that was working perfectly). I chose .epub as the output format.

The resulting .epub had an ENORMOUS font size – and this was not a problem with it before. I’ve checked all the font sizes in Compile > Formatting and those appear to be fine. I’m not having this problem with any other file type (.mobi or .pdf), only with .epub.

I’d like to avoid editing it in Sigil if I have to, but if I have to, is there a simple guide as to WHAT I edit in Sigil?


There are a few things in general that Sigil is good at checking. One is metadata (tools - metadata editor) just to make sure the info is correct. The GUI metadata editor in Sigil is a bit sparse though and you may want to add other things, like Publisher or anything else you can think of when you press the Basic button and see the various items listed.

Another thing to check is appearance. Open the Previewer, or look at each file in the .epub in “Book View” just to check on formatting.

As to your specific problem, that is an enormous file size, I would check on any images that might have come through to see if maybe they are being duplicated? That is just a guess. Images or any media files like audio or video. It is also possible that chapters are being duplicated, but if the .epub file is indeed enormous I doubt that mere text is the culprit - much more likely to be a media file.

Sigil lets you select files and save them outside the epub, so you could also do that. For example, your chapters would be in the text area, right-click on one of them and Select All, then right-click on any one of those selected and save them as .xhtml files.

You could also try to open the .epub using Kindle Previewer, which will convert it to a .mobi file. My .mobi files thus generated turn out to be roughly double the size of the original .epub, I gather because the .mobi files duplicate the book in both kf7 (for eink Kindles) and kf8 (for Kindle Fire models).

HTH, and let us know if you find out what the problem was.


I think OPs problem was giant FONT size, asotir, not giant file size. :wink: