ePub Compiling drops styles

Using Scrivener 2.04. I’m attempting to compile an ebook edition of a novel (Kindle .mobi format). I find that whenever there should be a word in italics in the body text, what I get instead is that word or words elevated off the baseline, but not in italics.

I’ve sent the file to a friend to whom I introduced Scrivener (she loves it by the way), and she compiled it on her Mac, and though she didn’t have the font I had (her text defaulted to Helvetica), the italics worked just fine. So I switched from a Postscript to an Open Type font, thinking there must be a glitch in the Postscript font or maybe Postscript fonts don’t play well with epub formats. No such luck. Exactly the same phenomenon is occurring with Times New Roman open type as with the Janson Book postscript.

So I removed some of the text in italics, replacing it with underlined text and in the Compile formatting selected “Change underlines to italics”. Nope. Same thing-- What ought to be italics is instead elevated off the baseline. I am one very confused person, but have to conclude there’s some preference set wrong, some box checked or unchecked, in my app that’s keeping the italics from translating properly. Help…

Have you got “Convert italics to underlines” checked in the “Text Options” pane of Compile by any chance? It’s on by default for novel format, so you may need to turn it off if you’re using that.

I’ve tried compiling with “convert italics to underlines” checked and with it unchecked. It converted from italics to underlines just fine. I’ve also had all the “smart” features–smart quotes, em dashes, etc–checked and unchecked for various compiles. Nothing seems to make any difference to the final product. However, when I distill as .epub rather than as .mobi, the italics show up just fine when viewed via Calibre. So it is only with the Kindle/.mobi format that this glitch is happening.

I’m half inclined to uninstall Scrivener altogether and reinstall it on the computer just to see what happens.

I should note, too, the operating system on the computer is OSX 10.6.x.


Can you zip up a sample project that shows this problem and send it to support@literatureandlatte.com?