ePub compiling invalid blockquote, two blockquotes.

Scrivener is compiling out this invalid code.

Do I need to fix it by hand post-compile, or is there some way I can fix this in Scrivener?

this invalid html generated a vague error in itunes producer, which i discussed in another thread

Known bug. You might try the Scrivener 3.1 beta, though I’m not sure if it has the fix yet.


Could you please post or email us a sample project showing the issue? I can reproduce a bug with block quotes but not the one where you get two embedded block quotes like this.

@KB see attached
Super Human TEMP.scriv.zip (579 KB)
compile to epub 3, then see body1.xhtml line 49

@KB, I just compiled that project using the beta, and the double blockquote is fixed, but the closing .section div is still before the

Could you please try the following beta build and see if this fixes the issue?

literatureandlatte.com/dlbet … esTest.zip

Thanks and all the best,

That fixed it, thanks Keith!!!

Great, thanks!