epub cover image

Hi, I’ve searched through the forums and can’t find an answer to this.

I’m compiling to epub and the only thing I can’t work out is how to add the cover image. I think I’m missing a step early on in the process because the drop down list for cover only reveals ‘no cover image’ and I can’t seem to upload an image anywhere.

If someone can point me to the information I would appreciate it with great vibes sent to the universe

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You have to import a cover image into your project before you compile chosen documents. Hope that helps!

Now that I realize ‘import file’ means pictures too (I can be a little literal) it does work. But when I look at the epub in adobe additions, it doesn’t include the cover just the text.

perryw, the following seems to work for me:

– Use Add:Existing Files from right-mouse on Research or a new folder you create to bring the image in. You can’t do it in the Draft folder.

– Then when you compile, there’s a Cover setting with a pull-down menu which will list available images to select.

I only couldn’t get the required HTML table of contents, and guess it’s not there yet in 029, though the other required NCX table of contents is. Reported.


I actually have not problem getting through the process, added my image, found it on the drop down list. Then compiled successfully. Opening in Adobe digital editions and no cover appears.
If I move the image up (put the image into a new page at the top of the list), it shows up, but it’s aligned like text.

I think that maybe it’s not quite ready for prime time.