ePUB endnotes inheriting styled text format

Why are my endnotes compiled for ePUB inheriting style information (indent, font size) from the text where the note is inserted, instead of compiling with the indent and font size of the style selected for endnotes? From reading the forum, this is a problem that may have been kicking around for a long time, through many versions and updates?
In my case I noted – though it could be a red herring – that the notes involved related to text that has been styled as block quote. So, if I look at the code written out, I find block quote tags. But if I remove that, it makes no difference to the output, because I distinct class has been applied to some of the endnotes, but not to others, again depending on how they are styled (through the compiler style and section settings).
This problem is an aggravation with every document I compile. Any thoughts about how to avoid this problem and still have text styled for font size and indent? I’d like not to have to do a manual coding intervention all the time. And don’t understand why when coding the endnotes the compiler is not applying the assigned style, rather than using one inherited from the main text.