epub export from scrivener not passing epub-validator spec's

Greetings. I have exported an epub I wrote from Scrivener and uploaded it to Amazon and Kobo just fine, but others have validation errors and when I try to validate the epub in epub validator (validator.idpf.org) I get many errors that do not allowe me to upload and sell my book at third party services that I would like to use. An example of an error is:

ERROR OPS/footnotes.xhtml 41 64 Error while parsing file: The a element cannot contain any nested a elements.
ERROR OPS/content.opf 34 62 Date value ‘2018/05/01’ is not valid as per w3.org/TR/NOTE-datetime:[For input string: “2018/05/01”] is not an integer.

How can I fix these errors and how are they generated in Scrivener (Version 2.8.1) on a PowerBook Pro (MAC)

Please help!

Kind Regards, Omananda

So, I paid for this app and there is no support … mhhhh

This is a user forum, not the official support channel.

If you search the forum for epub error you’ll probably find lots of useful info on how you can edit your epub file using e.g. Sigill.

Have you checked your file for the date value given as error? Have you tried deleting it?