epub export issues

I’ve successfully exported epubs before a few times, but I currently have a book that:

a) the cover (which is in the Front matter folder) isn’t coming across with the export. First it would always be the default cover, which I had moved to trash. Then I deleted that from trash and now no cover is in the epub, even though there is a file in the folder

b) the headings are being picked up in the menu inconsistently. So, in the epub, for some sections I have a main heading followed by the sub-chapters and in others just the main heading, even though the nesting structure is just the same.

All other compile settings are exactly the same as for other successfully exported epubs.

Seems something is corrupt here perhaps, but not sure how to fix it.


  1. Make sure you have selected the graphic you wish to use for the cover, in the “Cover” compile option pane. It doesn’t actually matter where you put the file itself. That is why the old cover persisted until you emptied the trash.
  2. Headings are generated by section breaks (referred to as Page Breaks by the software for the most part). If you are setting sections breaks manually, instead of using the Separators pane, that might explain why some of the subordinate sections are not listing themselves. Perhaps you used the checkbox “Page Break Before” on some of these items but not others. If all of your outline items are meant to be a part of the book structure, you might just want to add more section break types in the Separators compile pane.

Perfect! Thanks again AmberV.

Didn’t understand the section break thing but that makes things much clearer and easier.