ePub failed to load on device

Each time I open my compiled ePub in iBooks, I get the error message “Failed to load because requested resource is missing.” My device (iPad 4) will show a random page, and then crash. The TOC shows chapters I have not included in compile. Clicking on any chapter will show a random page (no correlation) then crash. The ePub crashes, iBooks stays open and shows other titles fine.
FYI, my project is 100 full-page images, and two pages of text. I know Scrivener wasn’t built for this, but I assume it’s possible. The platforms don’t accept PDF (or their conversion doesn’t work). I’ve opened the ePub in Sigil and it looks fine (hard for me to tell, since I’m new to Sigil). In Sigil, I ran ‘validate stylesheets’ and ‘well-formed check ePub’ and no errors were found.
Should I assume my device is screwy, or somehow ‘caching’ pages from a previous version ePub with the same name, since deleted? Thank you for your input.

Update: problem solved. I deleted iBooks from the device, then re-loaded it and the book. It now works fine.
Note: I had to work with the page ordering so the correct two pages were facing each other, and displaying when the device screen was turned to landscape format. It would be good if Scrivener had a setting, or at least info, like what appears when formatting for paperback: BEGIN chapters on right-hand page, or uncheck this. Thanks.

Have you tested to change font size in the iBooks reader on e.g. iPads of various size? With epub you can’t control the layout because the reader may choose to use a different font or font size.