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When I compile a book in epub format each filename become a new “chapter” in the summary of the numeric book – except file I tagged as “new page”. But is there another way to hide a file (and its name) in the summary?

Have you tried making your own custom contents (summary) page? You can go into the Disposition compile option pane and set the name of the contents file (with the French version, it should be “Contenus”), and then create a file by that name in your Binder, where you want it to appear. Now select all of the items that should be listed, and use the Modifier/Copy Special/Copier les documents comme liens Scrivener menu command. Then paste that into the file you just made and compile. You should now see that used instead of the automatically generated version. Of course once the links are in place you can format this page as you like, adding your own title and making the titles look nice. So that is another advantage to making your own.

It’s great, thanks Amber.
Each time I’m surprised about what Scrivener allows us to do. I probably use the software at… 10 or 20% usually.

Ok, I have a last problem.
I noticed the summary of my book changes between my “summary page” (image 1) and the shorcut to the “Table of Contents” (image 2). And this last one doesn’t take elements of my summary page, but the tree view of my Scrivener documents files.
It’s probably an option but I tried differents things and it doesn’t change anything…

EDIT: I think this other summary is called “NCX display”.
So I was wondering if this NCX menu can take the same one than my summary page…

Image 1
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Image 2
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