ePub font sizing for compile question


I am compiling multiple formats for a reader group that is going over my rough draft. I am updating the book as I go along and giving them new files.

Originally, when I did the ePub version the text that I was using (Times 13 point) was too small, so I made it 16 point. However this means I have to change the font size of the book each time I do an export.

Is there a way to specify the font size for ONLY the ePub export?

The font size can be changed in the epub reader app.

But you can duplicate your ebook compile format and have one Epub format, one Kindle format, one Whatever format, …

I don’t see where I can change font size in compile though. Is that something you can do?

Have you done the interactive tutorial project in which the basics of Scrivener is explained?

I have, sounds like I need to go back. Thanks.

In compile you can basically change everything! Line and paragraph spacing, font, indents, the lot. Except that in ebooks it is pretty much the reader that decides on the look of the text.

It’s actually the eBook SIZE of the text that seems to be the issue. It needs to be a little larger to read on the phone. So far I can’t figure out a way to change it in compile. That section (to modify the font settings) disappears in ePub format. Yet it seems that 13pt text is slightly too small for the phone reader.