ePub footnotes

Hi everybody! Happy holydays!
I have a question concerning exporting footnotes in the ePub format. When I do that, what I get is a separate file for footnotes which behaves strangely in iBooks. Scrivener compiles what it seems a separate file with no margins, a file that when you reach the end of your ePub does not show. The last page of the text is also the last page of the ePub. When I click to a footnote it brings up a new file with the footnotes in small characters, which cannot be changed, and with no margins.
Am I doing something wrong? Have you experienced something similar?
Thank you.

Have you verified this output in something other than iBooks? I don’t have the capacity to test iBooks at the moment, but I’ve tested with Sigil, Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre and the raw HTML/CSS source itself and see nothing amiss here. I’m not sure what you mean in regards to margins, though. The e-book has nothing to do with margins, that is set up by the software (you’ll note Sigil has a more literal interpretation of the output, since it is a technical editor, while Calibre and ADE have different margins entirely, since they are viewing programs for reading in).

At any rate, if it shows up looking oddly in a few other programs, it’s probably a settings problem we can figure out.


Okay, this seems to be caused by the footnotes document in the ePub export being marked as “non-linear”. Scrivener adds this setting to the footnote document because this is what I’ve seen recommended on ePub guides. However, because it’s being labelled as an auxiliary document, iBooks seems to be treating it oddly. I’ve therefore changed this for the next update, so that the footnotes document will be treated as a linear part of the text and look correct in iBooks.

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