Epub gap above jpeg Header

I’m in the final stages of e-publishing a second book. I’ve tested and posted the kindle mobi version, without any problem. The epub version of the book for the Apple iBookstore and for the color BN Nook also tested just fine. However, the older B&W Nook appears to have a gap at the top of what should be the full-page chapter headers. This cuts these pages at the top.

I need these graphics to take up the full page on both the color and black-and-white Nook. They’re my chapter headers (the first page of each chapter), and they include both a graphic and the chapter titles in a special font. I think something is leaving room for where a text chapter header would go–but I don’t want that gap!

I was able to simulate the problem on both the Adobe Digital Editions app and the Reader Library app. On the iPad and iTouch the epub file loads correctly, as does the .mobi file on Amazon’s Kindle.

Is there somewhere in the compiler for not leaving lines above the text Body? Line spacing is set to 1.0, so I know that’s not the problem. I’m stumped.


As well as the line spacing being set to 1.0, is the paragraph spacing set to 0? That is, have you checked that there is no paragraph-spacing-before set? Also, what about page padding in the Formatting pane of Compile? Could there be page padding set at the start of each chapter (as there is by default)? Could you please post a screenshot?

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Page Padding was set to 0.
"have you checked that there is no paragraph-spacing-before set? "
Is there a setting somewhere to set the paragraph-spacing ? there are no lines prior to the image.

The gray border line at the top of the graphics should be at the top of the page .

You can check paragraph spacing before by selecting “Other…” from the line spacing menu - this will show more options. It definitely looks as though it has some paragraph spacing before set. If it turns out it doesn’t, feel free to send a zipped-up copy of the project to us at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and we can take a look.

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