EPUB generation error: help?

I’ve just tried to generate an EPUB of my latest story, and when I open it in Adobe Digital Editions, I get:

The document appears to have minor errors that might cause it to be displayed incorrectly
— errorListChange —

When I try to add it to my IBIS library, I get:

The EPUB was invalid or corrupted and wasn’t able to be loaded: EntityRef: expecting ‘;’, line 7, column 35

Is the fact that the title has ampersands (two of them) in it likely to be the problem?

What’s going on here?

Sounds like Scrivener is not generating entities (HTML special character substitution codes) properly in your title metadata. Basically, the “&” character needs to be “&” . This is a bug because, apparently, metadata is not being checked for possible entity substitutions, so it finds its way unchanged into the HTML.

I can think of two possible workarounds until a fix is delivered.

  1. Substitute “&” for each instance of “&” in your title metadata, and see if the error goes away.

  2. The alternative–for you to go in and edit the generated HTML in your EPUB and fix the errors by hand–is too ugly to even think about. It might be useful, even so, to unzip the epub file and look for the “&” errors. More information for your next post or your email to support. :slight_smile: