Epub including blank page between each chapter

For some reason, when I create an epub, it is adding a blank page between chapters. None of the automatic separators are set to page break. If I remove the individual manual Pg Break Before on the contents page, the problem is fixed but I lose most of the TOC.

Any ideas to fix this would be appreciated.

Check in your Separators compile option pane and make sure that nothing is producing a break here that is redundant.

Thanks very much for the reply.

I checked and as far as I can see, there is was nothing in the separators causing it.
I fixed it with Sigil going into the code and removing a always break in one of the styles, which appears to have fixed it.

Thanks again.

Another possibility: you may have actual page breaks in the text editor itself, especially if this was at one point composed in another word processor. You can switch invisible characters on in the Format/Options/ sub-menu.