epub menu not complete

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit and have Scrivener, which I think is the latest version.

Here’s my problem: I was reviewing the video tutorial “Exporting to Ebook,” but found some inconsistencies in what the video was presenting and what I actually have in Scrivener.

In the Compile Menu, The epub preset in the video has several options along the left side bar that I don’t have in my version of Scrivener. The missing items are:

Processing Options
Ebook Options
Text Options
HTML Options

Indeed, it seems to be a completely different menu. All I have on my version of Scrivener is:

Meta Data

The video tutorial’s version of Scrivener, has all these, plus all the ones I list as missing above. How can I repair or access this menu?

Barry :confused:

What is selected for the “Compile for:” drop-down list (at the bottom of the compile window)? I noticed that selecting the ebook preset does not change the Compile for setting, which does affect which compile panes are shown.

The video is for the Mac version of Scrivener, which, due to several extra years of development, has some features not yet available in the Windows version. Our goal is parity between the two platforms, but Windows is still working toward that, so if you’re watching the videos on the website you will find some differences in the feature sets. We are working to create some Windows-specific videos as well, which should help avoid confusion.

So your copy of Scrivener isn’t corrupted or anything like that; the options just aren’t there because they aren’t available yet in Windows. But as Robert said, you will see the options in the sidebar change depending on the file type you’re using for compile, which is set in the bottom pop-up menu.