epub not compiling with non-alphanumeric document names

I got my 1 meg, 244 document project to compile for pdf, html and plain text. But it would not compile to .epub format.

I got this error message:

Could Not Save the File Autokey listed as Lifehacker “Best Linux Downloads”.epub

Could not save the file at C;/DOCUME~1/LOCALS~/Temp/Scrivener/scratchpad/229b341c-db4a-4380-ac91-b54341f30e22/OPS/Autokey listed as Lifehacker “Best Linux Downloads”.epub

(Which of course I had to type in by hand from the error message pop-up dialog box–since I could not copy and paste it.)

Seeing that - Autokey listed as Lifehacker “Best Linux Downloads” - was a document name and that it was trying to save it as a file and knowing that files don’t like double quotes in their names I removed the all double quotes from all document names and then it compiled. So… no double quotes in the title of a document if you want to compile it as an epub document…

BUT… when I went to view the epub book with FBReader all I got was blank pages. I tried to edit it in Sigil and got this error message:

Error info: Cannot load file /home/keith/Win_XP/aaaautokey.epub:
Dynamic exception type: boost::exception_detail::clone_impl
std::exception::what: std::exception
[column_number*] = 67
[line_number*] = 113
[error_string*] = Expected ‘;’, but got ‘"’.

Sigil version: 0.3.4

So… Since double quotes had been a problem in the document titles I went back and checked all 244 titles and removed everything except alphanumeric characters. What a pain…

When I compiled it after that, it compiled without a problem and FBReader had no problem opening it.

This means that there are quite a few non-alphanumeric characters that if found in the document title will prevent the proper compilation of an epub document.

You should check for those characters and give an error message saying this character can not be used in document titles to save users a lot of frustration trying to figure this out.


Hi Keith,

Yes, sorry about all that pain. I believe Lee’s fixed this for the next beta (out next week) so those characters won’t prevent the compile, but otherwise we’ll adjust the error message (and the documentation) to clarify the limitation. With luck though it won’t be necessary and documents will all be able to compile regardless of their titles.