ePub not displaying correct author name on iPad

I have created an ePub on my Mac (running Scrivener 3.1.1 on High Sierra) and exported it to my iPad. (It’s so great to be able to do this so easily!)

It has taken me several iterations to get everything looking the way I want it to, so I’ve deleted the ePub from my iPad several times and then replaced it with the new version using AirDrop. One of the key updates was replacing the default author name (my name) with the correct author name, which I entered in the Compile metadata section.

When I display this book in iBooks on my Mac or in Apple Books on my iPhone, the author name shows up correctly. But on the iPad, the old author name is still displaying, even though I have deleted the older versions before importing the new one with the correct information.

I have also tried restarting the iPad and re-importing the book, as well as importing it via Mail. Nothing I have tried shows the correct author information, and the highlighting I have applied to the book on my iPhone is not carrying over to the iPad version (and vice-versa).

I’d appreciate any advice on how to resolve this!

Hmm, this does sound like a caching issue, but it’s strange that the wrong information is still showing up after deleting everything. One thing you could do is open the Epub file in Calibre (a free app) and check the metadata is definitely correct there (it sounds as though it is given that it’s showing up fine on your Mac). If so, at least you know it’s nothing wrong in your Epub file and is something going wrong in Apple Books. Unfortunately I’m not sure how to reset the cache there beyond what you’ve already tried.

All the best,