epub page numbers

When I compile my novel to epub and open it in my kobo, tiny page numbers show on the sides of the text. These are separate from the page numbers generated at the bottom of the screen. If I change the font size on the kobo reader, the unwanted page numbers move.
I cannot find page number options in scrivener or in the epub compiling configuration to remove them. Please advise.

These are probably generated by the kobo, not by Scrivener itself.


Has anyone else seen this? I don’t see why the reader would add them. It doesn’t for any other epub.

Yes. I’ve seen it. And I’ve looked at my epub reader, and the Kobo reader, and Calibre and cannot find it. I do remember seeing those little page numbers in some reader at some time in some book(s). So, you aren’t the only person to have seen it. Sorry I’m no more help than that.

You might want to go to mobileread.com on their KOBO forum and ask there. I’m a Kindle guy so I can’t personally help you, But Mobliread.com is my first stop whenever I have ereader questions. The link below is direct to the Kobo forum, you’ll have to register to ask a question.

mobileread.com/forums/forum … .php?f=223