ePub Paragraph formatting hosed.

Hosed, adj. Describes a computer process that is doing what it’s told rather than what I wanted. :wink:

A year ago, I compiled a book to epub format and it looked like my first screenshot, with nicely indented paragraphs, correct first paragraph indenting, correct capitalisation, and no extra spacing between.

Today I recompiled it and I got no paragraph indenting and blank lines between each paragraph (as in the second screenshot). I don’t think I changed anything in the compile format that could affect this… but did I? I assure you there is nothing in the editor that could cause this; all my text is nicely indented via the ruler, with (I grant you) a between-paragraph spacing of 6 points—nothing nearly as extreme as in the second screenshot. There are no unintentional blank lines in my text—I always run with “Show Invisibles” on, so I’m sure. All my section layouts display the way I want them.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot is happening? Please help.

Never mind, I found it. It was a substitution for plain text output I left on by mistake. :blush:

By the definition above, hosed, as I said. :smiley: