ePub table of contents problem

I’ve noticed something in ePubs, created with Scrivener, on my iPod touch. In the table of contents, anything that takes up more than 2 lines screws up the display:

Keith has told me he doesn’t think this is a problem with Scrivener, but I don’t have any non-Scrivener produced ePubs with section names that take up more space. Can anyone say if they do, indeed, see this same problem with commercial ePubs, or if they have seen it with Scrivener and found a way to fix it?

We recently worked on a digital edition with a publisher and found that the TOC is one of the biggest headaches. We had Part as well as Chapter titles, and could not distinguish between them with larger or smaller type, indentations, spaces, or mixed font; the usual solutions in print.

We finally elected to have the Part titles in CAPS and the chapters in “title case,” which means an initial cap followed by mixed lower and upper, as needed. I can’t remember the technical reasons for ruling out the usual solutions; the editor grumbled to us that Amazon typography specs are feeble, and that also he needed to create a text that mounts on several platforms: Amazon, iOS, Android, Nook, Sony; and also allow for vertical and horizontal display.

I don’t own an iPod Touch; are you limited to this large-type, vertical display? I recognize the Complete Works of RWE; very cool that you can carry them around in your pocket.

Well, you can split parts with Scrivener folders, and chapters with files. There may be other ways to indicate parts - if you just want say:

Part IV

Just create a file with nothing but that as its title.

As for the book, it’s one I’ve made myself: you can download it here:

readingemerson.com/2011/05/0 … ete-works/

It’s not finished; I notably have to change underscored words to italics, and that’s a lot of work.

Anyway, in my case, it works fine on the iPad; it’s just on the smaller screen that it borks.