[ePub] Title Page BEFORE Table Of Content?

I absolutely need to be able to set the Title Page, and a second section, before the table of content.
This latter always comes right after the cover page.

Besides unzipping the epub file, modify the html and xml files manually, any way to do this in Scrivener?
That would be simpler, especially after each modification and compilation.

Thanks for any help

Are you using the automatically generated eBook TofC, or generating your own?

Section 24.13.3 of the manual describes the special layout options for e-books. If you’re generating your own TofC, just put it wherever in the Binder you want. For the automatic one, create a file at the desired location in the Binder, and put the <$toc> placeholder in it. Then, use the HTML Table of Contents Title field in the File -> Compile -> Layout pane to specify the name of that file.