ePub to iBookstore? Anyone successful?

Has anyone and I mean anyone been able to generate a file out of Scrivener to the ePub format and then use it on LuLu or in the iBookstore successfully? If so, how…


I don’t think the ePub compile is ready yet for full on publishing - and to be fair no one has claimed it is. I use it quite happily to read and proof work, but for publication in both mobi and ePub I use Jutoh.

No doubt the ePub and mobi compile will get better and better, and probably sooner rather than later.

Hmm it would be nice to know when - its either that I will have to buy Word for Smashword conversions because my OpenOffice files just won’t convert there.

We throughly investigated publishing with iBooks and elected to go with Amazon instead. With iBooks you spend a great deal of $$ and time, and they do not sell to a large enough market to warrant the investment. Kindle welcomes self-publishers and accounts for nearly 70% of all e-book sales.