ePub3 / Kindle Kf8 no longer in compile list?

Hi Scrivener team,

I just go through the changes 3.1 has offered and found, the compile formats for Kindle Kf8 and ePub3 no longer appear on the list. Why is that?


I think they’re not listed because they’re now the standard. See “Compile—Ebooks” note:

Here: literatureandlatte.com/scri … s?os=macOS

Oh thank you much for the hint.
I must have overseen this note.


You’re welcome.

(Wow! to the release notes/work performed. Hats off to Keith and company.)

Thanks! Yes, this was a big one. I was halfway through widow and orphan control/MORE and CONT’d support when Apple announced dark mode, and the former alone took a good two months (one month was pretty much spent compiling a 300 page book, checking widows and orphans on every page and in every footnote, finding an issue, fixing it, and starting again - lots of fun!). So this ended up being a pretty hefty update.

See also: Appendix E.12. :slight_smile: