Epubcheck error

When I run my novel’s epub file through epubcheck validator I get an error in the OPS/content.opf file.
The error is ‘Date value ‘YYYY / YYYY-MM / YYYY-MM-DD’ is not valid as per w3.org/TR/NOTE-datetime:[For input string: “YYYY / YYYY”] is not an integer.’ This occurs at line 4

In the content.opf you produce the line reads, dc:dateYYYY / YYYY-MM / YYYY-MM-DD</dc:date>

Please confirm this is your bug and suggest a fix date. In the meantime if I put in
dc:date2014-12</dc:date> for example, will it be OK?

This is highly important as you can’t be accepted by Apple if the epub file won’t pass Epubcheck.

Any confirmation and answer please?

Are you able to adjust the date value manually in Sigil or some other epub editing software?

You can set the date in the Meta-Data tab of Scrivener’s compile. 2015-09 for instance would be a valid date (following the YYYY-MM pattern). The gear button drop-down to the right of the date field gives a few options to automatically insert the current date following various allowable patterns. If nothing is entered in the field, Scrivener defaults to using the current date and time at compile as for example dc:date2015-09-17T22:51:26+17:00</dc:date>. I’m not sure how your epub could have ended up with the text string like that except having it entered manually. Did you use a template or compile preset that had the placeholder entered as text?

Sorry for the delay in replying.
Thanks both for your suggestions, I should be able to correct the date from those.

MM I believe I got the date like that by inputting it by selecting from the calendar icon provided, I wonder if that is the problem?

Thanks again.

the only date I have in the text is the Copyright year typed in.
I cant figure out why it is including
WARNING OPS/content.opf 12 37 Date value ‘2019-2020’ does not follow recommended syntax as per w3.org/TR/NOTE-datetime:2019-2020 class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException MONTH.