Equation Numbers?

I did a search but came up with nada. Is there an efficient way to enter equations with numbers at the right margin? I am using LaTeXit for the formulas , with right paragraph justification. The numbers look okay, but I must then put in manual spaces to “eyeball” getting the formula centered.

Any suggestions?

Do you perhaps have a sample you could link to, or post a screenshot of the look you are going for? I’m not sure if I have completely visualised the look you have in mind.

Sample Math Equation.pdf (17.4 KB)
Here is a .pdf file of an equation. It does not appear as I would like because the alignment got screwed up when I compiled to .pdf.

The math itself should be centered, and the equation number (1.1) should be on the same line right justified.

Help any?


P.S. I am also attaching a file showing how things should look.
On the Helmholtz Theorem.pdf (289 KB)

Okay, I think this can be made to work. If you are working with a layout that has a known paper width, then you could probably use tab stops for this. Set up a preset that has a centre stop in the middle of the page (offset the measurements by the margin that will be added when compiling), and then a right stop where the right margin should be. So obviously, since these measurements are all relative from the left text edge, you wouldn’t be able to easily switch paper sizes because it’s not really right alignment, but a right-aligned tab stop at a certain point—same goes for the middle, but if you know the paper size this should work fine.

Probably not the help that you’re expecting to receive, but I think equation (11) does not hold for c being “an arbitrary real number”, but “an arbitrary non-zero real number” instead. :wink:

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