Equations and MMD to LaTeX

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I could need some supporting input on the following issue. Using the MMD code for equations (e.g. <<A+B=C>>) I get a LaTeX output like:

This results in a slightly bigger spacing between the text line and the equation compared to the equation and the following text (pdflatex output). Generally, this all looks fine but since I need \linespread it all looks a bit too wide. However, when I delete the two blank lines between the text and the equation, then it all looks good.
My question is, how can I change the XSLT so that there won’t be two blank lines before an equation starts? I couldn’t find any code related to \begin{equation}. But it must be somewhere?!

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All of the math stuff is in mmltex.xsl.

First - I didn’t write this - it came from XSLT MathML http://www.raleigh.ru/MathML/mmltex/index.php?lang=en. I modified it slightly, and made it compatible with the MathML generated from MMD documents.

Second - you can tweak the mmltex.xsl file to make the changes you desire.


Thank you for the info! When I find time, I’ll look into that.

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