equations becoming figures

I’m sorry if this is stupid…I am trying to process a scrivener document through to Latex. It has an in-line equation in it…$ stuff $. Now, I thought I knew to take out the $'s and highlight the equation and use the Service to convert it to inline Latex. I do that and it renders in the scrivener document, but when I export it to Latex and then process it (in Texshop) the equation has become a graphic about 2 inches high. Indeed when I look at the converted latex source, there it is: a figure environment has been created. Obviously, I’ve forgotten something silly.


That is indeed what will happen if you use LaTeXiT or some other tool to render snippets of LaTeX and paste them back into Scrivener as figures. I’m assuming you are using MMD, because if you have an inline graphic file like that, it will generate the syntax for you when you compile, and include the image in a location where it can be found by LaTeX. If all you want to do is compile raw equation code and you are using MMD, then put HTML style comments around the equation, like . This protects it from the cleaner script in MMD that would turn all of the characters into safe characters, causing the raw LaTeX code to show up verbatim in the final typeset.

Thanks. Actually, this was a file that started out its life as a regular Latex page and the equation in question was not produced with LatTexit, rather it was written from scratch in TexShop and it and its paragraphs were pasted into Scrivener. If I just write an equation by hand in Scrivener’s window and process it through the Service Typeset Latex math inline, the same thing occurs.

I could have sworn that there is a way to use that Service to do equations this way? Or, is that only for making equations and compiling them in something OTHER than MMD for rtf or something?

Perhaps I don’t quite understand your workflow, or the meaning of “same thing”. By same thing, do you mean if you compile to MMD->LaTeX with raw LaTeX math code in an HTML comment, you get a figure? That’s very strange. You shouldn’t be getting a figure unless there is a graphic file in Scrivener, or you’ve specifically used the MMD code for inserting one.

Precisely. If you are thinking of the same set of threads I am which took place a while back, they were aimed at a few folks who were trying to find a good equation solution for Scrivener in a word processing workflow. We recommended using LaTeXiT to compose equations and typeset them to PNG files which could then be dropped into the editor, saving the equation code in the document Notes, or in a comment or annotation for future use if they need revision.

For MMD or raw LaTeX composition, I can think of no good reason to pre-typeset equations (visual preferences aside). Might as well either just use MMD’s equation syntax, which it will convert to LaTeX, or raw LaTeX in an HTML comment. Either way you’ll get a proper equation in the LaTeX system, rather than a figure.