Hi, I’ve just installed Scrivener on my laptop (Chakra linux, KDE) and all is working well. I really think it could be a useful tool. But my main concern is that I mostly write scientific reports, with the need for equations. I can see there is an easy option for mac users to have an equation editor, I wondered if there was a way of doing this in Linux? Or alternatively use an equation editor and insert them as images?

Anybody else using scrivener on linux for scientific writing, and if so how do you get round this?

Yeah, inserting them as images is what you want to do. In fact that is all the Mac version does as well, it just streamlines the process so you can embed a PDF into the file in a way that double-clicking on it reloads it in the MathType software. It’s replaces the step of creating the graphic and dropping it into the text document for you. With only a marginal increase in work effort you can have much the same. Is there something like LaTeXiT for Linux? A snippet renderer?

Thanks for the reply. Yep there are plenty of LaTeX editors and the like in Linux which can generate equations and then save then save them as images for inclusion in another document. So hopefully this will work well.

I believe once MMD is in you’ll be able to edit the TeX directly. I’m psyched about that, since I use lilypond, a dialect of LaTeX for music.