Error 2003 esellerate - then registering

Hey guys, I received this error:

Product activation for Scrivener failed with error: -2003

Please see this support page on our website for possible causes and solutions: … read-first

If the problem persists, contact to resolve the issue, making sure to include the details of this error message. Scrivener will continue working nonetheless, but until this issue is resolved you will be asked to activate and continue to see this error message each time you launch the program.

I have tried going to the website link and it was of no help to me. I tried the first portion and library/applicationsupport ended there. I could not find any of the folders they asked for. After that I was confused because I am not super tech savvy. Please help - I would appreciate it!

I just want to register my scrivener because I love it so much. The sooner the better - thanks guys!! - Amanda

Hi tagsdogs12,

Just to let you know that I have replied to the email that you sent to technical support, so I hope that you will now be able to resolve this error. If you continue to have problems, please reply to that support ticket.

All the best,


Unfortunately, I do not see it in my email. Do you think you could post it on here? I have checked my spam and my inbox, and it is not anywhere in sight. I would really appreciate it.

I love your name by the way (Astrid)!!

My bad I forgot it was on the website itself. :slight_smile:

Update: Those are all old messages. I do not see your reply anywhere. :frowning: