Error 36? Can't copy scriv file to flash drive

Hi. I couldn’t find this in the Wiki or the Help manual, so thought I’d ask here.

This morning, I added three photos to the Research folder on my current project, then tried to copy the project onto a thumb drive. I got an error message saying that Scrivener couldn’t complete the copying, with an Error 36.

Figuring one of the photos was the culprit, I then systematically deleted the photographs one by one, and each time tried to copy the Scrivener file and was blocked with the same error message. I think that some of the file copied to the thumb drive, because there was copying action before and after the error message.

Anyone know what’s going on? Have I corrupted my file irretrievably? What’s my next step?



PS I’m sure the error codes are posted somewhere - are they?


There’s a thread on this here, which also provides a solution:

The problem is caused by Snow Leopard 10.6.2’s invisible folder files not playing too well with Windows file systems, and I’m guessing your flash drive uses FAT32 format. As .scriv projects are essentially folders, OS X adds the invisible files to them too, which is why the error can happen with Scrivener files as well as folders.

Hopefully the solution posted in the above thread works for you, though.

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Thanks, Keith.

I think the easiest thing to do would be to just reformat an old, smaller Flash drive, and use that instead of the larger drives I usually carry, since I use those on PC’s too.

Well, that fixit to which you linked worked perfectly, so I’m all set. Thanks!

Glad that helped - thanks to the poster in that thread who had the solution!
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