error (beep) switching from Scrivener to Bookends

Hi all,
Just learning Bookends and have a curious problem switching from Scrivener to Bookends after the first switch. Scrivener just beeps at me when I try to switch to Bookends the second time with the keyboard shortcut. The menu command works fine every time, but the keyboard shortcut for the Bibliography/Citations… command doesn’t work after the first time. I haven’t changed the shortcut; it’s still command-shift-Y in Scrivener.

Anyone have any idea why this might be happening? Everything else seems to be working fine.

John Robert
iBook G4, Tiger 10.4.11, Scrivener 1.5.1, Bookends 10.5.3.

Is Scrivener definitely active when you hit the keyboard shortcut the second time? That is, is the Scrivener menu bar definitely at the top of the screen?

Hi KB,
Yes, Scrivener is definitely active when I try the shortcut.

I did a little more checking after I posted the first message above. The loss of the keyboard shortcut has something to do with using the arrow keys in Scrivener. When I paste in the citation from Bookends (Command-y) to Scrivener, the short citation comes into Scrivener with the insertion point outside the second curly bracket. So I use the left arrow key to move it back inside the bracket to enter the AT sign and the page number. As long as I do NOT use the arrow key, using instead the mouse to move the insertion point, the keyboard shortcut works in Scrivener to switch back to Bookends. But as soon as I use the arrow key, Scrivener just beeps the next time I try to use Command-shift-y.

The shortcut works the first time in Scrivener because I haven’t used the arrow key until after the first switch.

This seems very odd. Don’t know what to make of it.

John Robert