Error code in error?

I just reopened a Scrivener project and received an error code that said my serial number isn’t recognized. It also said that I have only one more day to try the program. My copy has been registered for a long time and the message hasn’t appeared before on any other project. When I checked Registration, it didn’t have my name or serial number, although it’s always been there. Should I register again? And why has this happened?

I’ve moved and have a new ISP. Can this have anything to do with it? Same computer, though.

Still don’t know what went wrong, but I just registered (again) when my “trial” expired. Seems to have straightened everything out.

That’s strange - have you done any other file maintenance or clearing out on your machine? The name and serial number are stored in a file on the machine, so if that is removed or cleared then Scrivener won’t know it’s registered and you’ll need to re-enter your details. Glad you’re back up and running, though.