error downloading dictionary

Hi everyone,

I’m using scrivener beta on a linux mint 16 (ubuntu based). Wen I try to donwload spanish dictionary I get the following error:

“Could not open es.multi for writing: es.multi” when it starts to download and
“Could not open es.rws for writing: es.rws” “Dictionary donwload failed”

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Thanks a lot.

I am having the exact same problem (except it’s the French dictionary and I’m on Ubuntu 12.04). I’ve just switched OS on my laptop and I’d like to be able to use Scrivener as efficiently as I did on Windows… Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Same here with Ubuntu 13.11, always updated. When I request a dictionary, A small window opens with something like “Restart…” (window is too small to read the full text so I assume it is “Program restart required”). I click OK, select French dictionary, I have it downloading, with another small window stating “Could not…”. When download bar is full, Il click OK, and then get a window with yellow warning stating “Dictionary dow…” I suppose it is dictionary downloaded. I then have to killall Scrivener, because the program is blocked jumping from the “Could not…” window to the “Dictionary dow…” window. But when I retsart it shows no dictionary available.

As an experienced linux user, I can install it by hand if necessary, if I know where to get it and where to put it… Clues anyone? I will try to launch in command line to get the error messages …

I THOUGHT I HAD THE SOLUTION: As it was installed system wide, all I had to do was to launch scrivener as root and the download of dictionaries went OK…

On Ubuntu : sudo /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Scrivener

It worked and asked for a relaunch of scrivener, and then I was able to close the program normally. But as single user the dicts did not show up…

Now I will try launching as a root user to check if the dictionaries (aspell BTW) appear where they are supposed to…

Well this is again a failure. Neither launching as root nor as user did the dicts show in the dictionary selection window… After exploring sudo /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell it seems that all the stuff there is windows related… This is weird as I have aspell installed and the needed dictionaries installed systemwide…

Is there a hack?

There is a hack, that is a bit complicated because we need to get the 32 bits version of aspell, relink it and recompile the dicts. We can find it in A Mostly Complete Guide to Installing Scrivener on Linux
down in the page to D.Spelling . More complicated is that Scrivener is supposed to be in /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte in this post whereas it shows in /usr/share/scrivener/ on mine. But with a bit of emacs the scripts in can be adapted to recompile the dictionaries …

will try and post

OK. I itried the hack suggested in sticky post A Mostly Complete Guide to Installing Scrivener on Linux but even tho the dicts showed up, the spellchack was not working. So I opted for the nested way, as in [url]] and installed a Quantall 32 bits Ubuntu. I now have a fully working scrivener with spellcheck in English, French and Spanish.